hey, i'm treeben77!

welcome to my website, you can find me on the following sites:

and here's some cool things i've made:


rblx-open-cloud is a Python library that wraps Roblox's Open Cloud APIs. Including data stores, assets, webhooks, and OAuth2!

amogus deez nuts gaming

A YouTube channel that me and wolfbyron11 occasionally upload videos. Feel free to subscribe.

AutoMod Regex Generator

Generate regexs for Discord's automod to protect your server from leetspeak bypasses.


RedBot is a small multipurpose Discord bot created by me and solar.system.


DiscordOAuth2.py is a basic Pytion API wrapper for Discord's OAuth2 and linked role APIs.


unb-api-py is a Python API wrapper for UnbelievaBoat's Discord bot API.

i'm a staff member in the following Discord servers:

treeben77's server


Hyper's Community


Floral Kingdom

Community Manager

Thanks for visiting my website!